Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sick in bed...

How many self lamenting blogs must begin like this I wonder, well don't worry I got plenty of self laments....

Life's not so bad all in all, the seasons pass and the faces change, sometimes they come back again,
"insert song by "The Script" here. may I suggest If you Ever Come Back

Tonight all that warms my heart is a heated blanket and the ridiculous spice I poured into my soup in hopes of burning out the fever.

I come on too strong, or not at all, like a puppy dog begging for a gentle bop on the nose that never comes.

Wrote a 4 page email at 4 am... Saved to Draft, Fade to Brack.

Over Dramatic, most certainly, I bring the drama.

"Falling For Your Eyes But They Don't Know Me Yet..."

I'm in Love with Being in Love, Because I think The next time will be like that one time...

Yes Mom I "Do" Sing, No Mom I "Can't" Sing,
what I lack in talent I equally Lack in shame, humility, and fear of public embarrassment.

Still Overweight... Aspires to be a Free Runner, would settle for consistent jogger.

Try to diet, gain back 5, stay out late drinking and eating crap, back under 200

Had the DJ download a song for a girl, not sure she'll ever here me butcher it...

Bought a Prius am I an Adult yet?



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