Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the End of the World... Wouldn't ya Know it


Yet another repetitive date and as yet the world has not ended...
or maybe it has how are we supposed to know?

Fire and Brimstone is far too 
extravagant and wasteful for this financial clime, and we can't even agree on the fiscal cliff nonsense we invented.

How are we gonna pull together for a one day Third World War?

We are the lesser destroying aire's of the old worlds destructive sire's, I mean I'm driving a Prius
 instead of a modded GTO how are we supposed to melt the damn ice caps like this?

Few dozen and some odd hours and we'll have to find some new scary nonsense to wrap our red meat fueled giant ape brains around... or maybe Vegans will save us... 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Done. and... done :/

6 years after finishing a B.A. with 150+ credits finished my last final of my 1st semester back at school, community college now, maintaining the determination and a serious outlook is difficult among more than a few 13th graders.

Nervous about my grades nonetheless, although no one will probably ever see them.

A girl in my online Technical writing class who I believe was from Eastern Europe told me I was an excellent writer, that she read my forum posts expanding her vocabulary with dictionary in hand and that I should write for a living... good thing this was a technical writing course for manufacturing technology running in the complete opposite direction... I use too many commas, conjunctions and ellipses to be taken seriously anyway.  Managed to make friends with the 3 international students even in an online class. :) Thanks Alina, Claire and Melek!

Sandy Hook... Omg... those kids had the saddest list of adorable kids names conceivable... The teachers are the amazing part of the story, in the end when the worst of humanity rears its head the goodness in people can't run or hide but protects the young and innocent with its last breathes. Npr in the am bad idea unless you want to swerve off the road in tears, thanks for the idea Christine.

No you can't take all the guns but it doesn't have to be easy or fast to get them, or to load them.  and if they are doing background checks that successfully denied the killer a gun for just one day, then the answer is close.  If someone is denied a gun, are they going to give up there?  Why not follow up and see where they went to find the less legal or more stolen gun.

Mental Health is the key, all shootings may require guns, but they also have a zealot or snapped soul pulling the trigger, those who fall through the cracks, tormented or neglected or simply twisted and misguided.  We shouldn't glorify and repeat the names of the worst of them, we should strive to save those yet to fall... not everyone takes other lives with them, but they suffer nonetheless.  Their parents, their loved ones, their children who may not make it as far.

The saddest thing is that this story is not unique, the lives lost are, but this is just the latest and the sharpest sting of late.  Human failings and cruelty and the tools of violence will persist through the sound bytes and Celebrity Tweets, Facebook posts and candles.


Death... & Taxes... I finally paid NYS for 2011 lol, they sounded mad... interest and fees added up to less than 10% that's a pretty good rate for a 1 year loan whoops sorry mom... THEY'RE Gonna Know! ... and?

Thankful for Jim and Sweetie Grey, the jolly St. Nicks of my City Tire Holiday Season for 4 years now.

Need Hobbit!

This Blog post... Not funny, brave or counted amongst the very wise, oh well there it went...

Cheers (Interobang!?),

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Michael's 1 am Fashion Update

Michael's 1 am Fashion Update:

Times are hard out there save this winter with my helpful tips...

1. Scarves out of Budget? Grow a mop of unkempt hair, it will keep you warm and can be dyed different colors repeatedly till it falls out. P
lus! you'll save on Dating because girls will be generally repulsed! SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR STEP 2 SUPPLIES!

2. No time for Eye Makeup before that big interview?
try Insomnia, excessive alcohol($) and internet induced sleep deprivation! - (also Crack...$$$) this will give you that raccoon-chic ring under eye and that sunken puffy look you see on all the best A-Team Street Walkers rock as seen in this Educational Film:

3. Drive a Prius, rich celebrities do it and its eco-conscious, save the endangered wetland-albino off-key pigmy-screech owl persona will mask the "fact" that you're "in fact" a Cheap F#c*, this can be further boosted by acting smug and stealing parking spaces silently while in EV mode for max D-bagery, try to get the most effeminate color possible like sky blue and avoid trying to man it up by calling it Clear Water "Metallic"

4. Keep fingernails well groomed by out sourcing dirty car projects to your brother's slave labor, He's upstate anyway, I'm pretty sure they don't have minimum wage laws.

5. If you're not sure you pulled it off try it out in a hipstery bar in Setauket to test it out, if its going flat, tell everyone its a retro look you picked up in Redhook and order a PBR.

Ghost Chili Grill: G.C. Burrito Challange: thats a lot of spicy in the belly

p.s. FU Adam MvsF lol J/k your cool

Buffalo Cantina Seppuku Challange: SRS BZNS

Cattlemans Chili Wing Challange: Suck Em!

Buffalo Wild Wings Challange w/ Special Guest Steve "Go F' Urself" Zahra

BWW lol soooo hot:

Just realized I Can easily String together my you-tube Vids! Panda vs. Food Go!

PANDA vs. Food!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sick in bed...

How many self lamenting blogs must begin like this I wonder, well don't worry I got plenty of self laments....

Life's not so bad all in all, the seasons pass and the faces change, sometimes they come back again,
"insert song by "The Script" here. may I suggest If you Ever Come Back

Tonight all that warms my heart is a heated blanket and the ridiculous spice I poured into my soup in hopes of burning out the fever.

I come on too strong, or not at all, like a puppy dog begging for a gentle bop on the nose that never comes.

Wrote a 4 page email at 4 am... Saved to Draft, Fade to Brack.

Over Dramatic, most certainly, I bring the drama.

"Falling For Your Eyes But They Don't Know Me Yet..."

I'm in Love with Being in Love, Because I think The next time will be like that one time...

Yes Mom I "Do" Sing, No Mom I "Can't" Sing,
what I lack in talent I equally Lack in shame, humility, and fear of public embarrassment.

Still Overweight... Aspires to be a Free Runner, would settle for consistent jogger.

Try to diet, gain back 5, stay out late drinking and eating crap, back under 200

Had the DJ download a song for a girl, not sure she'll ever here me butcher it...

Bought a Prius am I an Adult yet?



Saturday, September 29, 2012

Can eye right? Verbosity goes bump in the night...

I can write... well?

Eye garbage-pail right down the well...

If I do write well, or well enough to continue blogging; Please be aware that I cannot spell.

Well... I can spell but I overreach at times with the big $10 words(A.N-B.) stashed in my brain from long forgotten SAT preps that I have not penned to paper or keyed to screen since I correctly darkened the ubiquitous C on my Analogies section Scan-tron form with a trusty and abused #2 writing implement.  Abused as I must have snapped the tip off 10 plus times during my happily utilized extended testing time, if your I.E.P. says you write too slow for a strict time limit just swallow the pride and put on your helmet (oh S.N.A.P.).

Anyways I wrote up a work order at the repair shop I work at this week and the only obnoxious high and mighty smart-ass in our employ who can actually back up bluster with "facts" & "history" gets it and promptly announces "Hey Dumb-ass! what is the vehicle "Perfusely" leaking?" Coolant I reply, "No its "Profusely" leaking coolant and I didn't need a fancy piece of paper to know that."  *Head Service-Counter*

Also doesn't help that my hand writing is so illegible that I'm slightly afraid you won't be able to read what I type.  Well its not that bad anymore (it was pretty F'd when they switched to cursive in 4th Grade and I reverted to the calligraphy fetal position), mainly because my mother paid and begged and fought to get me some help when i was young, anyone who has been to occupational therapy can tell you this mostly consists of playing snake.

Also on the front of I can't spell I had to stop short of auto-correcting "fetal" when the dreaded read squiggle arose, luckily for my pride I realized the "d" was silent... or invisible, and quickly backspaced before Google Chrome/ Blogger/ G+ detected it and started placing perpetual "Hooked on Phonics" Ad mob referrals in my Gmail.  This paragraph kind of got away from me, I meant to address the time I handed in a report, written by hand, in a tent, in Pembrokeshire National Park in Wales during an Archaeological -

(That I can spell b/c F' dropping the 2nd "A" as "Progressive; New, New New" American Arch. Schools Suggest, case and point, Google'd Archeology first result If Google and Wikipedia agree with you I'm pretty sure you can get a Presidential Pardon, a Nobel "You're so F'n Smart" Award, or A Grammy, Hey an Award Statue! Ohhhh, for more on this parenthetical rant see the SAA: Whyaretheretwodifferentspellingsarchaeology? Diphthong Unit! Ǽ); Boy that was long winded... spelling and run-on's my only literary weaknesses...)

*Breathe In*

...Field School.  For those not familiar with technical Archaeological terms, likely having not sold tires, automotive service and auto parts for the last 5-7 years, when studying a site you basically are collecting waste, trash, garbage... some times actual poop.  What ever you are looking for its likely in a garbage heap, if you're awesome enough to be in a Neolithic or similarly technologically armed settlement you are likely most excited to find "Debitage" (Stone tool debris), Remains (of, people, plants or animals, food, herds, pets pollen, burials all cool), "Nomisma" (ancient coins, my stolen Greek word of the day), or "be still my beating heart"... Pottery Shards!  All of these are likely to be found in the rubbish heap.  This being Great Britain, they were quite fond of terms that american Uni juniors have never heard of leaving me writing my "field report" about an item that the professor likely thought my mother pinned to my thermal every fall... Its spelled "Middens" not "Mittens"... *Head gopher-disturbed-anonymously-shagged-on Air Mattress*... p.s. If I have a kid in the North tell him to quite slouching and stop saying "Ballocks" to the head-mistress, you theoretical little cockney glimmer in my cider drunk eye... Lots of Planets have a North!...

(Did that last paragraph actally end?)

Well its 1 minute to 3am go I should probably stop incoherently prattling on about why no one should read this Ill conceived and complexly-pun titled Blog.

Times up put a Dime piece in the slot... thanks for telling me to read your blog, totally made me want to write this, I promise I will read more than 1¾ of your posts before I start another blog.

P.P.S.: I also have a YouTube Channel where I eat ill advised spicy things, and maybe more... ***Panda Vs. Food*** My Ongoing Adventures in Culinary Malfeasance...

Shout out to over used Ellipses... I interobanged your blogspace...


MJB a.k.a. The Panda... 

Why b.c. I eat lots of vegetables and enjoy monochromatism; Keeping the nickname, works at Karaoke, Last Call, for Alcohol... don't lick the frog BTW. = Rock on Tal.