Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the End of the World... Wouldn't ya Know it


Yet another repetitive date and as yet the world has not ended...
or maybe it has how are we supposed to know?

Fire and Brimstone is far too 
extravagant and wasteful for this financial clime, and we can't even agree on the fiscal cliff nonsense we invented.

How are we gonna pull together for a one day Third World War?

We are the lesser destroying aire's of the old worlds destructive sire's, I mean I'm driving a Prius
 instead of a modded GTO how are we supposed to melt the damn ice caps like this?

Few dozen and some odd hours and we'll have to find some new scary nonsense to wrap our red meat fueled giant ape brains around... or maybe Vegans will save us... 

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